[zz] Tessanne Chin 三首歌四万块

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[zz] Tessanne Chin 三首歌四万块

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歌星 Tessanne Chin 是上季 The Voice 榜首。最近她在参加西印度群岛大学在多伦多主办的一个募捐会,主办者请她当场唱首歌替学校基金募捐,开了拍卖价四千块,被与会的两位土豪飚到四万块三首歌。


Tessanne Chin 是牙买加籍混血,爸爸是华裔,全家都搞音乐。投标的两位,Michael Lee-Chin and Raymond Chang,”Like Chin, both Chang and Lee-Chin are originally from Jamaica. The two friends were also business rivals at one time and headed up two of the biggest mutual fund companies in Canada. Chang was one of the original founders of CI Financial, while Lee-Chin used to head AIC."

http://www.thestar.com/entertainment/te ... 40000.html
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